So we harness the power of rhythm and vibration along with the inclusive, balanced and diverse nature of the circle to create a transformational      experience of connection.

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When we connect with our passion, our joy, our imagination, the wild and free within, and the Source, we are reconnecting with our power.  

​​Drumming creates opportunities to build bridges...

Bridges uniting cultures, individuals, communities, families or groups in rhythm

 Our world has long been using these principals mobilize armies for centuries. The drums of war have been beating here long enough.

Surely we can make better use of the great power in Unity! 

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Zen Rhythm Co. provides custom rhythm based activities, drum circle facilitation, workshops and sound healing to a wide variety of individuals, groups and organizations. 

Programs can be tailored to meet your individual needs and can be designed to aid in group cohesion, cooperation, team building, breaking the ice, relieving stress, improving communication, enhancing self awareness & self expression, grief work, reconciliation, conflict resolution, personal growth, spiritual growth, healing and more, all depending on the desired outcome and intentions.

Zen Rhythm Co. also offers registered programs, hosts special events and offers several larger community building drum circles with potluck socials throughout the year.

When we reclaim that which has been lost along the way, we allow our lights to once again shine brightly. When we light up and when we connect with each other in this way our combined light has the power to transform both our own lives and this world.


The circle is the container with the power to hold us all.

Together we are stronger, divided we will fall.​​

 We are all Equal parts of the circle of life and our unique expressions and individual contributions are what creates the world we see. 

By uniting in rhythm and entraining with one another we remember that we are really all part of the greater whole. We instinctively know that together we are able to accomplish more than any one individual could alone.