​​​​​​​​​​​Host a RHYTHM & SOLE jam of your own!
Rhythm & Sole Jams
​2.5 hours

​Yup! It's pretty much how it sounds...

Combining the fun of a drum circle with learning about the benefits

of innovative new wearable neurotechnology

to enhance your life and wellbeing.

It all starts with a little fun! 

Your guests will enjoy a hands on interactive experience with the  drums where they will be introduced to some basic playing techniques.

​Through several easy to follow activities they will learn

some simple rhythms while also learning a little more

about one another!

After that it's time to jam!

Independant Associates with

After a short refreshment break it's time to sit back and relax while I share with you and your guests the exciting story what VoxxLife HPT is, how it came to be, how it came into my life and how it might help you and your loved ones acheive a better quality of life too.

​We will have some fun doing the balance assessments with each other and then you'll have the opportunity to experience what this non invasive drug free technology can actually do for you.

​You and your guests will then have time to ask questions, and have a look at the products on hand with the option to make a purchase for those who wish.​

As small business owners we are set up with the Square so purchases can more easily be made using credit card, debit or cash. As the host, any purchases made by your guests will count towards earning you free product.

And Voila! 
A fun time with friends is had that was beneficial, entertaining, easy and unique!

If you are interested in hosting a Rhythm & Sole jam 
and would like more information
please help us get in touch with you by filling out the form below.

​​​​​Drumming is a great way to relieve stress and an easy way to really connect and have fun with others.

How long do we drum for?

An hour is a nice amount of time for the drumming portion 

of your Rhythm & Sole jam.

After that it's a good time to plan for a little 15-20 minute refreshment break

for you and your guests in another area 

while I clear the instruments and set up for the next part...


Enjoy time with your guests in the comfort of your home or if weather permits take the fun outside!