This program was designed specifically for adults who are interested in diving deeper into themselves and the world of rhythm.

It can be delivered as seven separate 1 hour sessions over time or condensed and delivered over the course of either one or two days

as a workshop.

The program is designed to:

    1 )   Provide you with an opportunity to play and have some fun, to let loose and burn off some steam in a safe, supportive, engaging and uplifting atmosphere. Recreational drummingis rapidly becoming know as a great stress busting activity that iseasy and accessiblefor anyone to do.No previous musical experience is necessary, all levels from beginners to pros can participate and are welcome.

    2 )   Introduce you to all the basic instruments groups that make up a typical community drum circle soundscape so you can gain experience and confidence in playing a variety of instruments in any community drum circle. By the end of the seven sessions you will have had a chance to play a multitude of percussion instruments successfully in a drum circle setting. We will explore some non percussive sound creation as well (bells, voice, bowls etc.)

   3 )   Help you gain a better understanding of therhythms and natural forces that guide our lives which can bring us into greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us. The drum circle serves as a great metaphor for life. Being part of a drum circle enables us to pay more attention to how we are showing up in the world and with this increased awareness comes the opportunity for growth and change. 

The foundation of my teaching is simply this -  LISTEN. FEEL. PLAY.

This is a group activity led by your facilitator Jade with an emphasis on participation rather than performance.

In these sessions we will not be learning culturally specific rhythms, rather we will draw on universal rhythms and how they can work together to create something beyond what any individual can do alone.

The group drumming experience is a powerful way to get more connected with the people we share time and space with, to connect with one’s own inner voice and also to Source energy, the pool from which we all drink. 

Session 1 - K.I.S.S  Back to Basics with Body Percussion 

Session 2 - Shake it Up!  Rattles and Shakers plus shaking those bones

Session 3Tree of Life/ Ring my Bell Wood & Seeds as Percussion/ Bells and Bowls

Session 4 - Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum Djembes, Cajons, Bongos,Doumbeks and Congas

Session 5 - Sacred Circle of Life Frame/Hoop Drum Journeying and Healing

Session 6 - Choir of Angels Voice Singing, Toning & Chanting 

Session 7Humans in Harmony:Creating Circles of Diversity and Equality Putting it all together

Instruments for these sessions are provided, no musical experience necessary, all levels welcome.