Jade :||: Cathy Chicoine

Who is Jade?

Jade is the name that resonates with me and is what I prefer to be called. 

If you're interested, allow me to share the story of how this came about...

A couple of years ago, I attended a Sound Healing workshop led by Marsha Read with the Centre for Sound Healing. We began on Saturday morning with a simple exercise that had us place our hand over our heart and ask ourselves the question "Who am I today?" Now, up until this point I had not contemplated changing my name nor had I even considered other names. But when we did this simple exercise I was very surprised that the name Jade just flew out of my heart! I wasn't quite sure if it was for me? What was this? Am I supposed to try this on? When I did, I felt a deep sense of peace and calm settling inside me and indeed the name JADE felt like the right fit.  It’s nice, clear, simple & direct. I feel like at my core, at my centre in the place where I know who I am, when I'm in my power, I am Jade.  Maybe you could say it's the name of my higher self which I am working to call forth into my everyday awareness as I evolve. Yes, I am Jade.

The name I was given at birth however is Cathy Chicoine. This name always felt to me like it had a certain awkwardness about it. It just refused to flow easily from my lips and felt foreign.. When someone asks for your name, you give it to them. That's the way it works.  Well mine always felt cumbersome to me and even if I managed to deliver it to the recipient it often is fumbled and dropped which leaves me feeling apologetic at best... 

Now my dear sweet mom was sitting right next to me that day at the sound healing retreat and after we all sang and toned her name Donna Rae...it was my turn. When I shared what had just occurred my mom had a surprising reaction. She responded with "I told you I never knew what to call you! I knew you would need to find your own name and that Cathy was just the best fit at the time but I knew that I couldn't possibly name you, that you would need to find your name!"

Okay, well that makes sense then!

​Chicoine is a lovely french name and I've heard it pronounced several different ways... 
The English pronunciation I’ve always used is like SHHHH - COIN.
I also hear CHIC - A - WIN or CHIC - OINY and lots of other interesting versions of this last name. The French pronunciation sounds like either SHE - KWAN or SHE- KWHEN. I suppose I could just own it but I’ve always kinda resonated more with my Doukhobor roots anyways, so I just don’t feel particularly connected to the name Cathy Chicoine but legally it is the one that I'll continue to use.

I don't feel Jade goes along with Chicoine, that's a whole different energy for me.

Maybe I'll be legendary one day like Madonna, Pink or Cher lol so no, there isn't a last name with JADE it's a stand alone kind of thing.
By the way I feel it’s worth mentioning here that although I don’t often speak French I do understand it quite well having gone through the French immersion program from K- Gr 12 in Prince Albert where I grew up. Now I’m practicing more since my own kids are enrolled in the French immersion program. Oui! Je suis bilingue! 

But please, by all means feel free to call me by either name and I’ll gladly respond. When we meet, you can decide. And yes, as you can see, I am most certainly can be a Chatty Cathy!

As a footnote I'll add that as a preschooler my parents enrolled me in a music and rhythm class that I loved. It was here I learned about "the repeat sign" :|| This sign communicates to the musician to go back to the beginning and do it over again. Having never been introduced to the idea of reincarnation as a child I still instinctively knew early on that I had been here many times before and thought the repeat sign was the perfect thing to add to the spelling of my name to express this idea as you can see below. I always felt that I was here on a repeat assignment!!

Remembering this and needing a way to communicate my new name in writing, I chose Jade :||: Cathy Chicoine as a way of expressing this identity more truthfully.