Meet Jade, CEO of ZRC (Zen Rhythm Co.)

Professional Rhythm Play Facilitator for the past 12 years and Modern Day Messenger who is deeply committed to personal and planetary transformation.

Bringing drums, voice, body percussion, world percussion, fun, storytelling and circle to everyday people for the purpose of growth, healing and positive and change.

Blessed to be the mother of two amazing young humans, and a partner to one awesome fella for 17+years. 
She is also currently enjoying making mid-life REVISIONS, doing photography, graphic design, writing, performance and daring to dream very big!!

Uniting people in Rhythm

to experience the vast

Potential and  Power of the Human Spirit!

Using my Unique Skill Set 

to Enhance your Life, Work or Play, 

Tell me if you Please,

How may I serve you today?

Jade :||: Cathy Chicoine