"It was such a wonderful experience that it is difficult to sum up in writing and a few sentences...I was a bit skeptical when I booked a sound healing session with Jade of Zen Rhythm Co. But, Jade is a wonderful woman and I do enjoy the sounds of percussion, so I decided to give it a try if only for the experience. I was in no way prepared for the intensity of the session. In just a couple of minutes, I was transported away from the struggles and fears of this world, and taken to a place of strength, joy, hope and finally peace. I felt layers of anxiety falling away and with each pulse of the drum and shake of the rattle my inner strength was restored.

Jade worked her magic and I will definitely do it again!"  

~ Julie, Saskatoon Sk 

Q.What happens during a Sound Soul Session?

The Sound Soul Session begins when I first connect with a client and a session is arranged.

Tuning in, I usually begin receiving impressions and messages in the form of visions, images, words and even songs. Often other seemingly random things may enter into my mind that I feel I am being guided to share with a client. 

When we meet for our session we'll begin by clearing ourselves, grounding, aligning our energies and opening Sacred Space. We then set our intentions for the session. My priority is to create a safe space for the session, to set my own desires aside and to become a clear channel to serve you for your greatest good and to support you in your intentions for the session.

Then, it's time for the client to move to the healing room and settle in to the comfortable warm space provided where you will be given simple hand signals that you can use at any time during the session if you need to. They can be used to increase, decrease or stop any of the Sound Medicine being offered.

If we are in your home a comfortable recliner, favourite chair or even cushions on the floor can be a suitable choice, whatever best allows you to be comfortable and for me to be able to walk around the area of your body unobstructed.

With the use of an ocean drum, you will be guided into a state of deeper relaxation where you will naturally begin to tune into your body and feel empowered to both access and trust your own intuition. During the session I may play different drums, rattles, bowls, bells, gong, and other various instruments around your body and in various layers of your energy field.

I also use my voice at times in toning, chanting or singing if a song wants to comes through.

These session will allow you to experience what it feels like to truly go on a journey within with sound and vibration as a guide as you begin too listen more deeply to your own inner voice in a way that may be quite new for you. Many of us have been taught to hand over our power over to someone else, hoping they can "fix" us.  In reality, the ability to heal can only truly come from within us, but where tow or more are gathered... We don't have to understand everything that we are sensing, we only need to be open to receiving the messages being given, to be present with our selves, to allow ourselves to feel while trusting the process and knowing that we are safe. 

I am here to support you on your journey, to assist you in accessing the information your body wants to give you and to empower you to use that information to heal areas of your life.​ 

This will also be an opportunity to relax and become more aware of the state of being in your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

As an intuitive practitioner, I will be focused on listening for the subtle differences in the quality of the sounds I am hearing to identify any areas of disharmony as well as opening to receive messages and guidance about what I am sensing. 

During a session you may enter a dream like state seeing pictures in your mind. You may experience body sensations such as cold, warmth, energy moving, tingling, gentle pangs, twitches or releases. You may wish to make sounds along with the Soundscape being created that you are immersed in or you may wish to remain silent or even fall asleep.

Every session is unique and will unfold as a cooperative experience.  Remember, you will be given simple hand signals that you may use at any time to communicate whether you would like me to increase or decrease the intensity of what's being offered.

As we proceed, subtle imbalances may be identified and attention will be focused on a specific area until I feel the sound has come into greater harmony and balance. I work intuitively relying on a highly developed sensitivity to subtleties in sound quality and "vibes" as I work, a skill I have been honing consciously for 37 years.. It is a dance for me of deep listening, both to the external sound quality I am hearing, as well as internally.

Throughout the session my process is to silently ask questions and then allow the answers to come forth. Then I  follow the guidance and trust the information, while simultaneously remaining sensitive to your cues.  

Feeling safe and comfortable is primary and if for any reason you wish to end the sound journey you may do so by simply opening your eyes.

We depend on the mutual trust established in the beginning of the session, when setting of intentions and in having the understanding that the sounds are being offered for you to work with internally as your thoughts guide the process and nothing can be done without your permission. 

In each session we will be intending together to:

  • bring the left/feminine and right/masculine sides of the brain & body into greater balance
  • ​connect with Source energy to access healing
  • clear and balance the chakras 
  • identify areas of disharmony, clearing and balancing the entire auric field comprised of the physical, astral and Spiritual planes 
  • reduce stress, promoting healing and creating a deep sense of wellbeing through relaxation

Sessions end as they began, with us moving back to the chairs where there will be an opportunity to share impression, messages, sensations, insights etc. We will lovingly release all angels, allies, guides and ancestors and close our session by choosing a card from my favourite deck, the Messenger Cards created by Sandra Kunz that I work with for these sessions.

Q.Who benefits most?

Anyone who feels called, is open to receiving and ready to allow themselves to experience a vibrational tune up. 

The intention of a Sound Healing session is to support your personal growth, health and wellness by bringing the body, mind and Spirit into greater alignment. The vibrational frequencies stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and can aid in clearing blockages while bringing fresh energy to stagnant areas. It is also said to have a psychological effect because the vibrations are not only heard but also felt. Additionally when we create time and space in our lives for self care we can expect to reap the rewards. Giving ourselves the gift of our own inwardly focussed attention while being assisted on our healing journey by a trusted practitioner can accelerate the process and help us achieve greater results than we might achieve on our own. When two people’s intentions are aligned and higher powers are invoked amazing things can happen.

Q. How did I get on this path? ​

Over 37 years ago my beautiful mother Donna Chicoine began studying energy medicine.

At the time I was about 13 years old and I was happy to be her practice patient.

As she became proficient in various techniques, going on to teach Therapeutic and Healing Touch 

and mentoring many others over the years.

As an Empath, ClareAudiant, ClareSentient and ClareVoyant I have a unique skill set to work with to perceive

subtle energies.

Energy Medicine has been a natural part of my mother and I's  relationship now for a long time. A few years ago we were so fortunate to have Marsha Read, a fellow energy worker and founder of the Center for Sound Healing come to Saskatoon to offer a Level One Training and Certification. It was here I discovered my true name, Jade and began uncovering my own gifts and abilities in working with others. Being acknowledged by a teacher brought me to a place where I felt called to assist others on their healing journey. I learned that I could be of service to others by assisting them in clearing blocked energy and in helping them gaining insights for themselves through the use of the drum & sound healing.

I work with other helpers too in the form of stones, crystals, smudge, water, earth, fire, wings, essential oils, feathers and tarot,

doing my best to remain sensitive to the preferences of my clients.

Spirit talks & I listen. I follow the guidance given working with you and your desired intentions for your greatest good, whatever that might be .

Oh and sometimes, those on the other side like to come through with messages for us too!