Friends of mine were getting hitched

and being the fun and creative couple they are

they wanted to incorporate a drum circle 

with their friends and  family into their wedding plans...

Everyone shared a little bit

about who they were,

where they had travelled from

and how they were connected

to either the bride or the groom.

We heard all kinds of nice stories that warmed our hearts,

made us laugh and even some that made us cry.

And then we drummed!!!

As a professional facilitator with 11 years experience I led them through a fun and easy to follow program.

And when we were done, EVERYONE was smiling!

​And everyone was connected.

​​It was totally uplifting, you could see and  feel how everyone was more relaxed and at ease with one another.

The ice was broken!

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So I suggested...

The results?


"Why not have drum circle as part of the wedding rehearsal! ?"

After all, these were their inner circle people

all coming together for the first time.

Some were friends from childhood. 

Some were siblings from out of province. 

Some were arriving with  new partners...

These folks had a lot of catching up to do and quick!!

Why a Wedding Rehearsal Drum Circle?

Well, let me tell you how it all began...  

Wedding Rehearsal Drum Circles

"It was such a pleasure to have you facilitate such an amazing and heartwarming drum ceremony.

It really turned out to be one of the most special parts of the weekend because it was so unique and fun! The family members really loved it!

We look forward to many more circles."

                     ~ Heather and Chris


Here's what the couple had to say about their experience...

I would love to customize a drum circle as part of your wedding rehearsal...Let's talk!

  • Help everyone in your wedding party feel more at ease and genuinely connected.
  • Bring your family and friends into greater cohesion. 
  • Foster a sense of cooperation that will  carry over.
  • Give them fun things to talk about the next day! 
  • Help "clear the air" without needing words.
  • Give emotions a safe way to be expressed without harm or drama.
  • Have a lighthearted experience.
  • Create good rapport with long lasting memories.