"I thought it brought everyone together, it was a good idea for building the team. I see why it is useful in the workplace. It made everyone connect on a new level.
I thought it was fun. It was interesting how Jade told us it would affect how we felt that day. I was more energized and felt more aware of myself."

​"Jade is amazing. I will be recommending her to my friends if they are looking for new and creative work team building sessions."

"I was one of the people that Jade spoke about when she said that "Some people believe they have no rhythm". She went on to explain that everyone had a rhythm and could follow a beat to some degree, and by the end of the session I agreed with her. She showed me a skill of mine that I wasn't aware existed!" 

"Showed the importance of each team to create something special.
Personally? Brought a little joy to my day in an unexpected way! "

"A really nice break from a regular hectic day."

​​​"Fantastic job - I enjoyed it and I know the staff did too. I can see getting hooked on drumming. 
Thank you so much!" 

Jason Mewis,  President and Senior Engineer, 

Jade did an outstanding job explaining how the drum circle is one of the oldest forms of teamwork, and how important each participant is to creating the whole experience of the drumming.  She managed to get a group of engineers to play in tune – who knew we could sound as awesome as we did! 

As a facilitator, Jade skillfully customized her drumming workshop to suit our small team of engineers. Everyone felt useful and was given a chance to contribute, and as a whole the drumming experience was an excellent team-building activity.

Ania Anthony, Director Road Sciences and Environment, 
Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure

"Like how it kept a professional tone and didn't get too touchy feely or put individuals on the spot. Group dynamics was appreciated."

"Jade, you have a presence and a way about you that was a nice balance to our fast paced industry where it's easy to lose perspective. Thanks for helping us through our journey."

"Nice to see what happens when everyone works together."