Drum Circles provide a highly impactful and memorable experience for participants to encounter a unique opportunity, try something new and feel successful. 

It is an activity that can be customized to enhance the overall messaging of your program.

Drumming is both easy and accessible with no previous music making experience needed in order to fully participate and benefit.

We all have rhythm within us!  

There are wide range of instruments to try - something for everyone regardless of skill level or even physical limitations.

Rates are available for

1 hour, 1/2 days or full days and depend upon variables such as on the number of participants and location.

  Please contact Jade to discuss your vision and how we might best meet your needs.

info@zenrhythmco.ca or 306-717-9696

"We have hired Jade of Zen Rhythm Co. to facilitate at our retreats for the last two years.
Jade fills the room with her energy and it is contagious. She creates confidence in her audience and helps us to overcome our self consciousness. She connects to our inner drummer and validates our sense of self while increasing our energies or vibrations. Fun and joy fills our hearts."
Healing Touch Saskatchewan