If you are looking for a way to help your family or friends process the emotions of loss and grief a drum circle might be the answer....it has the power to change us, to move energy, to shift perspectives.

Providing a way to connect with others, to journey within, unlock the pain and release it in a healthy way.

​​The non verbal aspect of drum circles allows everyone to have a voice and express themselves without needing to say a word, yet it is felt by all.

United by grief, healed through community. This is the power of the circle and the power of the drum.

In September of 2010,  a tragic accident claimed the life of a family member, a cousin 20 years my junior. I felt called to bring my drums along to Prince Albert where the funeral was to be held. I contacted my aunt and asked if it would be alright, we agreed that I would just bring them and see...well after the service and internment we were all gathered at my aunt's house and it just really seemed like the right thing to do, I checked in with her and then began to unload the drums. Around the large gathering drum was my cousin's father, a brother and some friends. Slowly the rhythm built as more joined in, relatives and friends previously unaquainted yet united now through the powerful turbulent emotions of grief, happy memories and everything in between. A powerful and healing sharing of one heartbeat which pulsed out into the community, signalling to all those nearby that something significant was taking place...

 This used to be part of the healing journey

and I believe it can be once again.

In October of the same year we lost my dear friend, drum circle playmate and renowned photographer Courtney Milne. I was honoured to drum along side three other friends as we welcomed those arriving for the celebration of life ceremony. Later a drum circle was held in his honour.  I was beginning to really see the tremendous value in drumming as a tool for healing and specifically in helping process the emotions surrounding with grief and loss. Throughout my late teens, twenties and thirties I seemed to be experiencing an unusual amount of loss and came to realize that I was being called to work with those left behind. The seeds were being planted...

As long as we keep our thoughts and feelings locked up inside we suffer, theyneed an outlet -

But where? How?

A drum circle is another powerful and unique way to come together to also celebrate the life of a loved one.  Sharing stories and happy memories, creating music together and filling the soul with good vibrations can be deeply transformative and healing.