• Welcoming New Employees
  • Starting a New Project
  • Celebrating Success
  • Focusing on Team building 
  • Creating Impactful Retreats
  • Energize Team Meetings
  • Increasing Wellness

‚ÄčDrumming is a fun, easy and accessible activity that has been used to unite and uplift people for thousands of years.

Drum circles are a great way to

bring your people together for an unforgettable experience.

‚ÄčCustomized for you or choose a standard one hour 

Workplace Wellness Circle 

In today's world we are facing an ever increasing amount of stress,

impacting our health and overall quality of life.

For business owners and organizations this means taking steps

to create a happy healthy workplace matters now more than ever.

I believe there is a time for play and a time to work hard. 

We need to get the balance right, and ensure that we build in some fun time!

  • Drum Circles require a minimum number of 8 participants.
  • Drums and Percussion Instruments are available for up to 50 adults
  • Larger groups can be accommodated by enjoying rhythm activities that include both the use of drums and percussion instruments as well as body percussion (clap, stomp, snap etc.) and voice.
  • Drums and Alcohol don't mix, if it's part of a social affair let's keep the drums as the opening act. It's a great way to get the party started by getting folks loosened up and in the mood to connect more with one another and have some fun!