Located in Saskatoon SaskatchewanZen Rhythm Co. is a service based business offering facilitated rhythm circles to adults for both personal and professional development.

Jade :||: Cathy Chicoine has been facilitating drum circles in Saskatoon and area for the past 17 years. Through her company Zen Rhythm Co. 
she is now bringing forward messages for humanity learned through the drum and the drum circle while continuing to unite people in rhythm play.

Where education and entertainment meet, the tool of choice for bringing people together is the drum, as it has been for thousands of years. Through “in the moment music making” we aim to help people feel better and inspire positive change in the rhythms of their own lives.

For the first time in history, people of all cultures and from all corners of the world are living, learning and working together in ways never before possible! We have truly become a global community.

The drum has the unique ability to unite us through rhythm regardless of beliefs, race, gender, language or religion. This is because the drum speaks the universal language of the heart, the rhythm connecting us all.

It is our common ground.

Our goal at Zen Rhythm Co. is to help elevate humanity one drum circle at a time, by drawing on ancient wisdom and integrating it with modern living to create a healthier future for us all.

Zen Rhythm Co. is here to provide guidance and inspiration on this path, reminding us of what we already know...that we are all in this together and that we are powerful beyond measure, especially when we work together for a common purpose.

So why not aim to become Humans in Harmony Beating the Drums for Peace?

We provide our participants and clients with a variety of drums, percussions instruments, easy to follow instructions and meaningful activities to achieve desired outcomes.

Typically seating will be arranged in a circle formation to create a framework of equality and diversity, the exception being with larger groups where the room is already set in which case we will work with it!  

Participants will be guided through rhythm activities with relatable messaging which can be specifically designed to aid in group cohesion, cooperation, team building, breaking the ice, stress relief, improved communication, self awareness, self expression, grief work, reconciliation, conflict resolution, personal growth, spiritual growth, healing and more, all depending on the intention of the client or those participating in a circle.

Uniting people in Rhythm

to experience the 

Potential and  Power

of the Human Spirit!

​​"There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self."
– Aldous Huxley

Call or text Jade at 306-717-9696

or email info@zenrhythmco.ca for more information


IN THE WORKPLACE -conference break out sessions, team meetings, energizers, staff retreats

PRIVATE FUNCTIONS & GATHERINGS -splurge groups, wedding rehearsals, birthday celebrations, end of life celebrations, blessing ways and other ceremonies 

PUBLIC EVENTS -community gatherings, rallies, fundraisers

RECREATIONAL PROGRAMMING -for groups and organizations such as care homes, support groups, clubs etc.

WORKSHOPS AND RETREATS -wellness, personal or professional development