Drumming and  Women's Circles

There is a special magic that happens when women gather intentionally in circle.

And there is a special magic that can happen when we reconnect with the power of the drum. 

For it is a sacred tool that connects us to our ancient past.

A  past when women were rhythm keepers, when they were the wisdom keepers.


The drum can help us connect with Spirit, connect more deeply with one another and can take us to places we only imagined...

For this power is ancient.

 It is the very heart of what all women know deep inside.

If the drum has been calling you, its' time to listen dear sisters and follow your heart...

She knows the way.

"Attending my first drum circle facilitated by Jade awakened something within me that I didn't even know existed. It was incredible. I have since attended several drum circles facilitated by her and each time she shares profound gifts and messages that help me in so many ways in my life. She exudes charisma, wisdom, and love. Knowing Jade and learning from her is an absolute honor and privilege. She has taught me what powerful medicine circle can be. What she does is so much more than *just* a drum circle; it is an experience. One of rhythm, connection, cooperation, trust & pure magic!"

Lori Fletcher